The AquaFIT System by Dimension One Spas

Is an endless lap swimming pool and hydrotherapy exercise machine in one. It provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the entire family. Whether you’re exercising, training, teaching your kids how to swim, or relaxing in the hydrotherapy seats, will accommodate all your aquatic needs.

The Ultimate Swim Spa

The AquaFIT System by Dimension One Spas is more than just an aquatic exercise machine–it’s a full underwater gym. Provides the best hydrotherapy and underwater fitness available on the market today. Choose from a broad range of exercises including freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. You can also use the AquaFIT to walk, jog, run, stretch, row or strength train.

An AquaFIT can be installed as an in-ground continuous swimming pool, or as an above ground portable hot tub. And an AquaFIT can even be installed inside an existing swimming pool as an energy efficient alternative without the hassle of permits.

For more information on how an AquaFIT System can help you live a healthy lifestyle, visit the AquaFIT website at

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